Laminate - Modern and Versatile

Benefits of Laminate
Thanks to the advancement of modern technologies, laminate flooring has various styles. It can convey the authenticity of Wood flooring or the elegance of ceramic tile. Laminate is an affordable way to add elegance to any room. Laminate is more durable than hardwood, resisting scratches, moisture and normal wear and tear. If you’re considering flooring options, trust Carpets-4-U to assist you in finding the right style for you.
Maintenance & Care
While laminate flooring is designed to be durable, it still requires the proper care. In terms of regular, everyday cleaning, a simple dust mop, broom, or vacuum can remove dirt and dust. You want to avoid using wax, polish, oils, and soaps. These cause warping, separation and in some cases, void the warranty. You can always rely on Carpets-4-U to assist with all your carpet needs.

As a full-service home improvement center, we are more than willing to assist you in every step of the way. Once you have selected your new flooring with the help of our experts, let Carpets-4-U handle the rest. From an on-site professional measurement, removal of the previous flooring to our experts installing your carpet giving you an amazing new look.